Salvation (Caldwell Investigations #1)

Review of Salvation (Caldwell Investigations #1)  by Alison Hendricks

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Avery is a reporter by day and the newest team member at Caldwell Investigations in his free time. He has been working on his own following a missing person case. With little to go on, he brings the case to his team. One new lead could be everything Avery needs to break his case and find the missing boy.

After the death of his daughter, Warren had secluded himself away to a cabin in the wilderness. When he spots a young man scrambling through the rugged terrain, looking ill-prepared for the weather, Warren doesn’t want to get involved. But his conscience convinces him to report the sighting.

Will Avery get the break he needs? Will the tip Warren provides thrust him into an investigation he has no desire to be a part of? What will happen when the optimistic Avery faces off with the pessimistic Warren? Will the boy spotted in the wilderness be the one Avery has been looking for? When inclement weather threatens the search, will everyone make it out alive?

** I would give this book 4 stars. Although a good deal of this story seems highly improbable, the idea was fun and the story was entertaining. I appreciated the prologue in this book, as it gave us the setting and pov of our missing young man. This story mostly followed Avery and Warren’s search for Ian, so I’m not sure what to expect from the rest of this series. Will every book follow Avery and Warren solving cases or will each person on the team get their own book?

Like I said, the whole scenario seemed highly unrealistic. I do believe that people go missing all the time, especially youth who have been kicked out of their homes for being queer. That part of the story was handled really well for me. And I loved Avery a little bit right from the start for being the only one in Ian’s corner (aside from Roger). My biggest complaint would be when Avery and Warren were traveling through the wilderness with almost no supplies. They somehow manage to go several days with only granola bars and a survival blanket. Yet they had flashlights to search the cave? Also, why was Tobias’s cabin 2 hours away by vehicle, but Warren had just luckily seen Ian near his cabin while he was out collecting firewood? If Warren and Tobias were acquaintances, would they really look after each other’s places with that distance between them?

I could appreciate that some liberties were taken to make the story more workable, and I definitely did enjoy it. There were several on the edge of your seat moments and lots of action. I was of course, so glad Ian was found mostly safe and unharmed, but so much of this was really hard for me to suspend my disbelief. I just found myself asking so many questions that seemed to take away from the story. But overall, a good mystery/adventure, with a lovely ending. If we do expect to follow Avery and Warren on another investigation, I’ll look forward to what Alison has in store for us next.