Rising Tide (Changing Tides #1)

Review of Rising Tide: A Changing Tides Novel, Book #1 by Bryce Winters

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Harris is a cardiac surgeon on suspension from his job, pending a malpractice lawsuit. Spending a month in the small town of Seaside, OR sounds like a terrible idea for riding out the legal trouble Harris is facing. However, when a hunky young blonde man catches his eye, Harris thinks a vacation fling might just help him pass the time and be just the distraction he needs.

Reid was raised in Seaside and when his mother passed away, he took over her restaurant. Living in a tourist town, Reid has learned his lesson about hooking up with out-of-towners. Unfortunately, there is just something about the hot doctor sitting at his bar that makes him want to throw his rules out the window.

Will Reid be able to hold out on his attraction for the visiting doctor? Will Harris be able to walk away once he realizes his attraction to Reid might be more than he bargained for on his vacation?

** I would give this 4 stars. This was a sweet story that had the realistic feel of finding attraction while on vacation. Harris figures he might as well indulge while he’s on leave from work, meanwhile Reid is doing all he can to keep from doing anything with a tourist. I suppose both pov’s are reasonable to consider, but in this case, attraction and chemistry are just part of the picture.

I liked Reid’s backstory and connection to the town, that felt really genuine. I wasn’t so sold on Harris and his being a cardiac surgeon. I feel like we just kept being told that he was some amazing doctor, but never really got to see that side of him. I am glad there will be more books to come in this series. I am really looking forward to Linc’s story, as I assume he will be next since he will be recovering at the Changing Tides Inn. I’m also hoping Dylan will be getting a story. As proprietor of the inn, he will bear witness to all the love connections occurring in this series, so it would be fitting if his story was last.