Review of Irreplaceable by Kate Hawthorne and E. M. Denning

This sweet and steamy romance explores the provocative side of lacey and racy undergarments.

Alex is fresh out of an ugly divorce and is looking to explore his bisexuality and sensuality. He wants to find a partner who is accepting of his kinks and maybe even wants to participate themselves. But his inexperience and shyness keep him from pursuing his newfound freedom.

Kyle is out and very interested in the quiet new neighbor that just moved into his building. Self-employed and persistent enough to pursue his desires, Kyle takes every opportunity to try to chat up the new neighbor, even after being rebuffed several times.

Both men are hiding a secret fetish for silky smooth, sexy underwear and run competing blogs showing off their lingerie.

** I’d give this story a solid 4 stars. The writing was clear and very descriptive, without any editing errors. I enjoyed the build-up of the relationship and the way the characters each had their own hang-ups in getting together. I enjoy stories that are a bit off-the-cuff and taboo. Exploring the sensuality of lace and satin on men isn’t something everyone would be willing to read about. However, this heartfelt and endearing romance did a great job of presenting the kinks of these two men, as a normal and accepted part of their lives. Lots of sweet moments and plenty of steamy between-the-sheets action make this book an excellent read.





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