Circle of Darkness (Genesis Circle #1)

Review of Circle of Darkness (Genesis Circle #1) by Aimee Nicole Walker and Nicholas Bella

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Angel is a waiter in an Italian restaurant, who also has visions. When one of his visions shows him that his sexy customer’s life is in danger, he will stop at nothing to keep D’Angelo safe. D’Angelo is a man who leads a solitary life fighting the evils of this world. When his favorite eye candy/waiter from his favorite Italian restaurant informs him he’s had a vision of D’Angelo in danger, D’Angelo is not surprised. He lives his life in danger. But when Angel persists in trying to ‘save’ him, an unlikely and reluctant partnership forms between the two men. Evil keeps growing and D’Angelo is forced to seek the help of others to save the world. Can his partnership with Angel protect both men from danger? Will they be able to do what needs to be done to save the world?

** I gave this book 3 stars. I usually like books by Walker, but this was not a great read for me. The story was inventive and detailed, but I think that was also its downfall for me. There was way too much to remember. Good chunks of this book were simply info dumps to provide content. It was hard to wrap my head around all the different rules, the different creatures, the school, the evil things and their level of evilness, etc… There was so much information it was overwhelming. I did like the genre and am actually looking forward to the next book since it seems like it will be about Lorcan and Christian, which would be awesome since Christian hates vampires. But that will make it so much more interesting.

As for this book, there were too many near misses for me, that I started to get bored. I think they almost caught the Stone of Asaroth 4 times before the conclusion. It just felt drawn out and overdone. I also found it incredibly convenient that D’Angelo had a sudden change of heart towards Angel once D’Angelo almost died the way Angel predicted. He wanted almost nothing to do with Angel and constantly rebuffed Angel until then but suddenly he needs Angel in his life… The build-up/attraction could have been played up a bit more for me. I also didn’t like that Chris was mostly left out of this story. I understand that we were not supposed to know that much about him because he will be getting his own book, but it made this story seem weird that Chris and D’Angelo were in business together but he was hardly in this book. It was very noticeable to me and just made the story feel off. I loved Jinx and Vixen and wonder what will happen with Meggie. But I would say my favorite part of this story was that it set me up to want to read the second book. I now have a foundation for the world and an introduction to the characters. So though I didn’t love this book, I am looking forward to the next one.