Love in Overtime

Review of Love in Overtime by Sloane Easton

When Tucker stops to rescue a woman from a bad auto accident and himself ends up in the hospital, things seem on a downward spiral for him. Forced to give up his promising career in football, Tucker slips into a depressive state not wanting to face his mental and physical scars.

Ryan is a successful, self-employed dog trainer. He trains emotional support dogs for people with all different kinds of issues. After seeing the story about his ex-boyfriend on the news, Ryan decides to reach out and offer his services training a dog for Tucker.

** I would give this book 3 stars. Although I did enjoy the story and plot line, I really had a hard time with the style of writing. The wording and prose in this story felt rushed, unsophisticated, and simple. I like a story with beautifully descriptive language and scene development; letting the story unfold slowly and tell itself with details. Show the reader what’s happening, don’t just tell us. That being said, I have read one of Sloan’s other books and really enjoyed it. I did like this book, just could have used a boost in the language and narrative voice.


Taxes and TARDIS

Review of Taxes and TARDIS by N. R. Walker

Brent Kelly is a muscled, self-employed tradesman who is great at wiring things and terrible at bookkeeping. When his shoebox full of tax documents need to be sorted, he’s referred to Logan Willis, in his regular accountants’ stead. Logan is bookish and wears large, dark-rimmed glasses. His English accent and love for all things TARDIS, seem to draw Brent in, instead of sending him running. Neither man is the other man’s normal type. Is there something to be said for the phrase ‘opposites attract’?

**I would give this book 4 stars. I am already a huge fan of N. R. Walker books and this one just solidifies why. Even though it has a fairly straightforward jock/nerd theme, it is written so well that I hardly noticed or cared. I really like the normal everyday working feel of the story and the fact that even though Brent is clearly thrown for a loop by his attraction to Logan, he doesn’t let that hold him back from making his interest known. He goes out of his way to learn about something he is unfamiliar with, just to know more about Logan and what makes him tick. Logan has been burned before and Brent must prove to them both why theirs is a love worth fighting for. This was a sweet, feel-good read that left me happy and hopeful that this could really be happening somewhere in the world.

Alpha Victorious – Waking the Dragons: Book 4

Review of Alpha Victorious – Waking the Dragons: Book 4 by Susi Hawke and Piper Scott

Rescued captive, Nathan, wakes from stasis when he is met with his heartsong. So much time was lost to him when he was taken captive and his dragon was used to commit unspeakable acts that he, thankfully, can’t remember. But Nate is determined to do his part in taking down those who captured him and hurt those he now calls friends.

During a traitorous attack, thousands of years ago, alpha warrior, Brick, used his powers of control over natural elements to put him and his fellow warriors into stasis. Now that he and his brothers in arms are up against the very same traitor who attacked them so many years ago, Brick must draw on those same powers again to help take down the head of the Hunters’ Guild.

When unlikely allies unite and the stake of the draconian race is on the line, Brick is determined to see the Paragons of Purity brought down for good. Will the dragon warriors defeat their years’ old nemesis? What will be the fate of their merry band of allies?

**I would give this final installation of the Waking the Dragons series, 4 stars. The addition of so many new and wildly interesting characters was the saving grace for this book. I found there to be very little in the way of plot development, while most of the story focused on incorporating these new characters into the already established family unit. There were lots of funny moments and the characters definitely wormed their way into my heart, however, as the concluding book in the series, I was definitely expecting more. For most of the story, we are just told that time is passing and the major theme of the conflict with the traitor they seek is largely forgotten or a distant second to the character plot. I would have loved a more in-depth, creative approach to the final battle, but all in all, I was pleased with the series as a whole, even though I felt the last book could have been stronger.


Alpha Deceived – Waking the Dragons: Book 3

Review of Alpha Deceived – Waking the Dragons: Book 3 by Susi Hawke and Piper Scott

Sana has been protecting the crowned prince of Novis for years. He is a fierce dragon warrior and has special skills as a healer. Now that he has awakened from his stasis, he’s more determined than ever to prove himself. He can’t even consider the newest person to enter their lives may be the one person who will expose the secret he’s been keeping his whole life.

Using his natural talent to detect lies, Peter, a reformed dragon hunter, doesn’t understand the connection he feels to a certain dragon warrior. He is determined to get the answers he needs and become a part of the team that will take down the dragon hunters once and for all.

Will the secret Sana holds ostracize him from his brother warriors? Will Peter get the answers he seeks and become a pivotal player in the hunt for the Master Guardian?

**4 Stars: This book dove right in and picked up exactly where the last book left off. I thought there was a distinct voice to this story and specifically Sana’s character. I could really connect with his thoughts and emotions as the story developed. Considering the story took place over such a short period of time, there was plenty of content and action to keep the reader engaged. There were some really great surprises and definitely some unexpected twists and turns. A great read that set me up for an exciting conclusion in book four.

Alpha Ablaze – Waking the Dragons: Book 2

Review of Alpha Ablaze – Waking the Dragons: Book 2 by Susi Hawke and Piper Scott

Tech savvy, paranoid, draconian expert, Sam, is convinced his sophisticated equipment is what awakened the alpha dragon from his stasis. Even when the alpha claims them to be mates, Sam is sure his extensive knowledge of dragons and his ingenuity are the real reason the alpha is awake.

Blaze is an alpha guardian who’s been in stasis for thousands of years. When his heart hears it’s matching heartsong in a dark cavern in the mountains, it only takes seconds for him to realize things are not the same as they once were.

Will Sam’s insistence that ‘the Man’ is tracking their every move and Blaze’s insistence on Sam’s omega nature, tear these men apart? Or will they find a common ground in protecting the small family they have become a part of?

**I would give this book 4 stars. The in-depth characterization was spot on. Really good creativity and emotion with the two MC’s and I enjoyed Sam’s backstory so much. I did find a few things to be a little unbelievable, but the character development and personality traits were pushing me to overlook those and treat them as the quirks they were. Great job continuing the plot development as we get a feel for the world and what the larger issues will be. Some minor editing errors (I think I only noticed a few) but a great continuation from the first book. Looking forward to following along for the rest of the journey with these dragons and their mates.

Alpha Awakened – Waking the Dragons: Book 1

Review of Alpha Awakened – Waking the Dragons: Book 1 By Susi Hawke and Piper Scott

Emery is a lonely, awkward twenty-one year old, with a love for exploring the outdoors and the nature trails around his hometown. When Emery follows a hidden trail through the woods, he never expects to find an adventure that will change the course of his life.

Coryphaeus of Novis is the crowned prince of his draconian people. However, he has been in stasis for thousands of years and once he is awakened by his omega mate, he discovers the world he used to know no longer exists.

What will happen when these two worlds collide? Will Emery accept his true nature? How will Coryphaeus defeat the threat that is set to end his reign once and for all?

** I would give this book 4 stars. The world building, creative approach, and in-depth character development make this story a staple in the world of dragon shifters, omega and m/preg romance novels. There are enough twists on the theme and plot to make the story interesting and not your standard dragon m/preg novel. The idea of a character set out of time and thrust into modern day life was executed very well. There were plenty hot moments between the characters and a few side characters that kept the story from being solely focused on the dragon world. Definitely a great start to the series.



Review of Irreplaceable by Kate Hawthorne and E. M. Denning

This sweet and steamy romance explores the provocative side of lacey and racy undergarments.

Alex is fresh out of an ugly divorce and is looking to explore his bisexuality and sensuality. He wants to find a partner who is accepting of his kinks and maybe even wants to participate themselves. But his inexperience and shyness keep him from pursuing his newfound freedom.

Kyle is out and very interested in the quiet new neighbor that just moved into his building. Self-employed and persistent enough to pursue his desires, Kyle takes every opportunity to try to chat up the new neighbor, even after being rebuffed several times.

Both men are hiding a secret fetish for silky smooth, sexy underwear and run competing blogs showing off their lingerie.

** I’d give this story a solid 4 stars. The writing was clear and very descriptive, without any editing errors. I enjoyed the build-up of the relationship and the way the characters each had their own hang-ups in getting together. I enjoy stories that are a bit off-the-cuff and taboo. Exploring the sensuality of lace and satin on men isn’t something everyone would be willing to read about. However, this heartfelt and endearing romance did a great job of presenting the kinks of these two men, as a normal and accepted part of their lives. Lots of sweet moments and plenty of steamy between-the-sheets action make this book an excellent read.





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